Corporate Training

Corporate Training

          We help design tailor-made courses according to your needs in order to create a common understanding in Digital Marketing for your organization. Ranging from getting your team up to speed with the most commonly used digital marketing terms to developing a specific digital marketing strategy that could best suit your company’s objectives and facilitate overall business growth.

Digital Marketing Mix

This training gives you the overall picture of digital marketing tools and its usage to gain customer insight as well as to help you devise tactics to reach the right targets.

Facebook Ad Strategy

Covering Facebook content and its advertising strategy that aims for those who manage Pages and Advertising on Facebook platform as well tips to optimize ads.

Google Ad Strategy

Matching the right customers to your products on Google Search through keywords planning, bidding strategy and other tips that could different your brand from others.

Google Analytics

We help you discover the most significant patterns of your customer behavior such that you can use these information to develop unique brand experience for each target.

UX Workshop

This workshop will walk you to the process of creating positive customer experience and user journeys through usability test and designing wireframe as well as case studies.

Our Corporate Clients

We are honored to be part of building a strong foundation in Digital Marketing for our following clients